How To Tell When It’s Time To Paint Your Commercial Property

As a property owner/manager you have many non-negotiable responsibilities, but is painting one of them? Repainting your property is an effective way to keep spaces looking fresh and up to date without having to spend a large sum of money on each lease turnover. Read more to determine what the right painting schedule is for your property.

Survey The Property

After your tenant has left, take a look at the walls while completing your move-out inspection. With the unit empty, you will be able to better evaluate damages and see which rooms need painting. Be sure to compare the condition of the walls to how they were at the time of move-in. If there is excessive damage, be sure to quote previous tenants or withhold the amount from their security deposit.

A Little Clean Goes A Long Way 

Dirt, oils, scuffs from furniture, and more can build up over time making walls look dull and much older than they actually are. A wipe with a Magic Eraser or a good scrub with dish soap and water can give a space a quick refresh. Focus on high traffic areas such as entryways, door frames, and window sills. You would be shocked at the transformation a little elbow grease can provide.

Do You Need Extra Draw?

If you are having a hard time attracting high-quality tenants or your property is in a hard-to-rent area, a fresh coat of paint can really make your property stand out. Though it seems minimal, a new coat of paint can drastically transform a space. It is a low-cost way to attract tenants.

Pleasing Existing Tenants

You would be surprised how much the opportunity of a paint upgrade or color change can excite people. If you have a tenant who has been with you for over a few years, consider giving them the option to paint as an incentive to renew their lease. After years of wear and tear, walls begin to look lifeless, a new coat of paint will bring life back to the space and keep it looking fresh. If your tenant is pleased and happy with their space, they are more opt to take better care of it and want to renew their lease in the future, a win-win!

Time To Paint!

You have decided it is time to paint your property. The question is, is paying a professional worth it? The short answer? Yes. Unless you are an experienced painter, it is easiest and safest to hire a professional to care for your property. Painting an entire unit or building is much more than a few strokes of a paintbrush. For a high-quality and experienced paint crew, visit our interior division at Industrial Maintenance Industries to learn about our Interior and Exterior painting services.